Justice for Crista

Book Cover: Justice for Crista
Part of the Fantasy Pier: TXPD series:

Crista Jessop is used to being considered the family screw-up, but she’s working hard to put her life on track. All of her progress is threatened, though, when she finds a dead body behind her workplace.

It’s no secret that Intelligence Officer Whip Hamill has a thing for Crista, ever since the night she spent in lock-up six months ago. Others tell him she’s trouble, but he believes she’s more than her past actions.

Everything is turned upside down when the new local gang and a few members of a notorious biker gang realize Crista is a potential witness to their murder. Will they get to her first, or can the Fantasy Pier PD stop them in time?

This book is a standalone novella, but if you’d like to read the events mentioned, you can check out Justice for Laine by Laine Vess.

Publisher: Aces Press

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